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NSLC Program—Law and Advocacy

Fundamentals of Law (1 credit)

Course Description: Fundamentals of Law will introduce you to the American legal system, law, the role of the lawyer, and legal writing. We will learn about the structure and function of the legal system, and look at the process of resolving grievances through the courts. Additionally, we will review the key substantive areas in criminal and civil law, highlighting controversial issues in each.  Finally, we will learn about the different roles that lawyers can play, as well as their unique ethical obligations.  Throughout the course, you will learn how to use legal terminology and conduct legal writing.

Course Outline

Professor for Sessions at Georgetown: Leandra Carrasco is a doctoral student in the Department of Justice, Law, and Criminology at American University. She earned her B.A. in political science from McMaster University and her J.D. from the David A. Clarke School of Law at the University of the District of Columbia. This is her second year teaching Fundamentals of Law for the NSLC program. Additionally, she has taught Street Law, and has assisted with courses on law and justice and reproduction and the law. For three years she worked for Edgar S. Cahn, the founder of Time Banks USA and Antioch Law School. Her current research interests revolve around access to justice. In particular, she is interested in how access to legal knowledge can increase legal consciousness and legal agency, especially in the areas of employment and child welfare. Carrasco believes lawyers can make significant contributions to effectuating social change.

Professor Sessions at Yale: TBA

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