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NSLC College Credit Program School of International Service

NSLC College Credit Program School of International Service
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-8071

NSLC Program—Medicine and Health Care

Global Public Health (1 credit)

Course taught primarily online. Students will attend an introductory class on campus and access instructional materials upon returning home at hours that suit their own schedules. This instruction may include lectures recorded by their professor, podcasts, documentaries, and discussion posts. Readings and assignments will be available via AU's Blackboard platform. Professors remain accessible to student questions 30 days after the on-campus segment. 

Course Description: This course approaches health care as much more than an individual- or local-level activity. Rather, it is embedded in a complex global system of health threats and responses. This arena, global public health, brings together scientific, economic, and political issues, and the outcomes eventually affect billions of lives. We will discuss the historical development of the field, the state of public health around the world, and the prospects for combating current and future health threats. The politics and advocacy movements around certain important issues (like HIV/AIDS) will be a particular focus. Finally, this course is designed to be a college experience and will emphasize the critical analysis and other skills that are required for university-level work.

Course Outline

Professor: Laura Bosco is a PhD student at American University's School of International Studies. She holds a MA in international security studies from George Washington University and BA in economics and political science from University of Florida. She has previously worked on projects in gender and health, international development, and post-conflict reconstruction with USAID, CFR, and Gender Action. Her current research is on UN peacekeeping and the protection of civilians in South Sudan. This will be her second year teaching Global Public Health with NSLC. She has also taught World Politics at AU, International Development with NSLC, and high school math in North Carolina.

Professor: Dr. Fawcett is an adjunct professorial lecturer at American University. She researches sector-focused development strategies, developmental states, and inclusive growth with a regional focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. Her dissertation explores the political economy of tourism and development in Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the Mexican Caribbean. She also teaches undergraduate courses on international development in AU's School of Education International Training and Education Program and the SIS PreCollege Program. She holds a PhD in international relations from American University, an MS in nonprofit management from The New School, and a BA in political science and Spanish from Rutgers University.

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