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NSLC Program—Political Action and Public Policy

Political Action and Public Policy (1 credit)

Course Description: The course examines why and how individuals organize to influence government in the development of public policy. Students are introduced to interest group politics, effective advocacy, the tools of political communication, and policy development and analysis. The course will examine critical domestic policy areas, such as energy, environment, education, health, justice, and economic stability.

Course Outline

Professor: William L. Harder is a doctoral candidate and adjunct instructor of political science and public administration at American University’s School of Public Affairs in Washington, DC. His dissertation, “The Administrative Governor and Party Strength,” examines the relationship between a governor’s decision to utilize administrative policymaking strategies and the nature of a state’s political party system. More broadly his research focuses on comparative executive leadership, the administrative presidency, bureaucratic politics, and political parties. He received the American Political Science Association’s Presidency Research Group Fellowship as well as several other awards for his research and teaching. His research has appeared in law reviews and edited volumes. At American University he teaches courses on the presidency, presidential elections, public policy, and national security policy. Prior to his time at American University, he worked for the American Political Science Association, the World Wildlife Fund, and Resources for the Future. He has an MA in political science from American University and a BA in political science and journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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