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All of the American University class arrangements are carefully scheduled to ensure that students enrolled in college credit do not miss any of the NSLC program activities. Credit students will meet together as a class during their NSLC program, starting the first day (the afternoon) of each NSLC program. Please take into account the important logistical information below when making your travel plans.

First-day Session

All students enrolled in AU credit will meet for the first time together with their professor on the opening day of their NSLC program for a seminar beginning at 2 pm and concluding before 6 pm in time for students to get dinner and join their peers for the opening NSLC festivities. Please make sure that your travel arrangements accommodate this schedule. If this means you must arrive the day before, you may stay in the dormitory without charge, but you MUST contact the NSLC Headquarters at 1-800-994-NSLC ahead of time to make these arrangements.