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Peacebuilding & Development Institute

Margie Ferris-Morris

Margie Ferris-Morris has a Masters degree in nutritional sciences and has advanced studies in conflict mediation and transformation. She has twenty years experience in international development in designing, implementing and evaluating aid programs primarily in the food security, health and conflict resolution arena. She has extensive experience in performance monitoring and evaluation with the public and private sectors, the UN and USAID, particularly with defining conflict performance strategies and indicators.

Ms. Ferris-Morris' other areas of expertise include training and facilitation.   She has experience in conflict mitigation and mediation in domestic and multicultural settings. Her publications include the Practical Guide for Standards and Indicators in UNHCR operations (2004); Preparing for the Next Drought: Case Study on Ethiopia; the Monitoring and Evaluation sections of three USAID Conflict Mitigation and Management Toolkits (Youth, Gems and Land and Conflict), among other relevant documents.  She is a part-time adjunct staff with American Universitys' Peace-building and Development Institute.  She serves on the board of  the World Hunger Education Service (WHES). Her overseas experience includes both living in and short-term consultancies in 14 countries, primarily in SE Asia and Africa.

Steve Hansch

Steve Hansch is currently professor of complex emergencies at American University in Washington, DC. He was a technical consultant in health, food and nutrition for USAID, CARE, FAO, the Academy for Educational Development (AED), Marine Overseas Services, and Datex.

He has extensive experience in developing, managing and evaluating projects associated with humanitarian field operations, including health, nutrition, and economic analyses in Malawi, Kenya, Mozambique, Sudan, Somalia. He has authored articles in various journals and written analytical reports on nutrition needs in crises and evaluations of food aid programs of different NGOs and WFP. He led various projects and Refugee Policy Group missions to Rwanda, Zaire, Somalia, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, and Panama; coordinating all research and publications related to improving coordination among relief and development agencies with regard to food aid, nutrition, and food security.

Steve was President of Cuny Center for the Study of Societies in Crisis, the Director of International Humanitarian Programs for the Congressional Hunger Center, and a Consultant Analyst for InterWorks. He now serves as an ongoing advisor to various foundations and non-governmental relief organizations, including Relief International, ARC, IMC, Partners for Development and Project Concern. He regularly lectures at Johns Hopkins and various other universities and NGO training courses and has recently initiated, organized and co-chaired five conferences on different humanitarian aid issues, including food security, micronutrient deficiencies, psycho-social disabilities, early warning, human rights and basic education.