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The AU Peace Corps Community

With over 70 RPCVs at American University studying in graduate programs across campus a group of RPCVs established the AU Peace Corps Community in 2012. to bring together those with Peace Corps connections at American University. The three main purposes of AUPCC are:

  1. To provide a platform for inter-disciplinary exchange among students and faculty;
  2. To promote American University to the outside community;
  3. To promote Peace Corps goals both on and off campus.

RPCVs meet weekly for lunch or for social gatherings off campus. The meetings bring together a range of disciplines, allowing for all to learn about other areas of study on campus. The meetings offer unique perspectives on the field of international service as volunteers have served in different countries, each with their own unique experiences during their service abroad. Hearing experiences from volunteers that have spent time in local communities all over the world offers great depth to understanding the range of cultures and people that we all hope to serve.

Volunteers gather to discuss how they can continue to serve the DC community. With a large range of skills gained during their Peace Corps service, RPCVs have a unique opportunity to add to the dialogue of how to address local community needs. Service projects include working at local middle schools and high schools as well as partnering with NGOs throughout DC that look to spread peace in the city and beyond.

AUPCC also provides mentoring to current undergraduates at American University who are thinking about joining Peace Corps after their studies. By presenting RPCVs experiences to current undergrads, the students are offered unique insights to why Peace Corps is important for personal growth and for service in general. RPCVs also offer direct one-on-one counseling for students who wish to gain more input and guidance on Peace Corps.

To learn more, please visit us on Facebook or contact Stephen W. Angelsmith.

SIS & Peace Corps

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Director of Peace Corps Programs
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