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Peace Corps Master's International Program

Program Overview

The Master’s International (MI) program integrates graduate study at the School of International Service (SIS) and United States Peace Corps service into a single program. Participants are able to pursue a graduate degree at SIS while in the Peace Corps. The MI program is open to all students who have been admitted to a master’s degree program in SIS and who are also admitted to the Peace Corps.

MI students begin their first year of graduate coursework at SIS. After receiving a Peace Corps placement, students travel to their respective sites and begin training. While in service, MI students draw on their graduate experience while focused on Peace Corps service and earn 6 credits (the tuition of which will be waived) towards their master’s degree requirements during their 27-month service. After completing their Peace Corps service, MI students return to SIS to finish their graduate course work.
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Benefits of the MI Program

Grad School or Peace Corps… Why not both? The Masters International Program at SIS is a way of combining graduate school and Peace Corps service as one complementary program. Throughout their time overseas volunteers stay connected to the SIS community, and have access to their email, library, and other services. While serving, volunteers earn academic credit towards an SIS degree program. Upon return, volunteers complete the second year of their degree program. SIS Masters International students are currently serving in Paraguay, Botswana, Georgia, Burkina Faso, Peru, Mozambique,
There are programmatic, financial, and professional benefits of the MI program.

By combining Peace Corps service and an SIS graduate degree, MI students are able to combine theory and practice in unprecedented ways. SIS enhances volunteer impact and the experience of Peace Corps, as MI students have the benefit of close mentorship by SIS faculty and staff throughout their academic and overseas experiences. Peace Corps service, in turn, enhances your education at SIS, offering invaluable field experience and real world international affairs practice.

In addition to the financial benefits of Peace Corps service, MI participants reduce the cost of their graduate degree program through the 6 credit tuition waiver earned while performing their Peace Corps service. While overseas, volunteers earn up to 6 credits of tuition towards their degree program – tuition that is covered by the MI program.

MI graduates complete the program deeply prepared for a successful career in the international arena, having acquired the theoretical and skill-based training of a rigorous master’s degree program in international affairs coupled with two years of substantive international experience. As both SIS Alumni and RPCVs (Returned Peace Corps Volunteers), MI graduates will have access to the professional networks, organizations, and career enhancement/advising services of both American University and the Peace Corps.

Peace Corps/SIS Masters International Program Info Session, Dec, 2014

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SIS and the Peace Corps

Peace Corps

The School of International Service is pleased to report tremendous growth, development, and expansion in our relationship with the United States Peace Corps. Two programs incorporating Peace Corps service into our graduate programs were developed or expanded during the 2011-2012 academic year: the Peace Corps Fellows Program for Returned Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) and the Master’s International (MI) program. SIS’ mission of public service, environmental stewardship, human rights, and social justice align naturally with the Peace Corps ideals of promoting world peace and friendship.

For More Information

Stephen W. Angelsmith
Director of Peace Corps Programs
American University, School of International Service (SIS)
P: 202-885-1646

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