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Peace Corps Prep Program Internship

An internship offers the opportunity to learn first-hand about some of the realities of working in the field of international service, and will prepare students for Peace Corps challenges and realities. For many students, an internship can be a highlight of the undergraduate experience. On occasion, an internship can even open the door to a full-time, permanent job after graduation. At the same time, however, an internship course is a very unconventional course and demands a different mindset and commitment than other courses. SIS PC Prep students will benefit directly from a faculty led cohort of students in their PC Prep program.

This course will guide students through the academic component of their for-credit internships. The two educational objectives are, first, to harness academic background to improve your service performance in the internship and, second, to harness internship experience to improve performance academically and with future professional opportunities in the Peace Corps. Students will emerge from this course not only with key transferrable skills but also with a clearer idea of which path towards service they wish to pursue after graduation – whether that path includes Peace Corps, graduate school, entering the workforce, or a combination of all three.

The dedicated SISU-391 PC Prep internship class will have five learning outcomes. By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the different professional opportunities available in the field of international service.
  2. Articulate how the organization where they serve fits into the range of professional opportunities available.
  3. Reflect on their internship experience and how to apply the lessons learned in academic work and future professional opportunities.
  4. Reflect upon an experience with professional networking.
  5. Demonstrate experience with developing a professional e-portfolio, including a CV/resume and samples of written work.

Student participants will conduct internship blogging, self-reflection exercises, and conduct a final paper. Service opportunities will be supervised by an SIS faculty member, and be organized in conjunction with the American University Office of Community Engagement and Service Learning and the SIS Office of Experiential Learning. This required course will provide meaningful supervised service experience, and be no less than 50 hours of required service.

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February 29th 

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