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Fellows | SIS & the Peace Corps

Reflections from Sarah Ellison, PC Fellow and ID Student

Memories: I remember when my students visited the embassy of Benin and when the ambassador walked into the room they greeted him in four different languages used in the country. He was so shocked and impressed he didn't know what to say!

My students loved learning about the lives of students their age in Benin. We exchanged photos and little videos that each class made with elementary school students at a school I used to work at in the country. They looked forward to the newest photos and ended up raising money for girls and boys camps headed by peace corps volunteers, that taught life skills and goal setting.

There was one student who was always distant in class. His teachers told me that he had a lot of discipline issues but each week, as he sat in the corner, I could see him growing more and more interested: watching the videos and photos, listening to the stories. Finally about 4 weeks in we did a little presentation on Benin at a school-wide assembly and he was so excited to get involved. He ended up having a major role in the presentation and committed to being engaged from then on.

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