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RPCV Student Profiles: Jason Smith

Jason Smith
RPCV Bulgaria 2007-2009
M.A. International Development and M.B.A.

After graduating from the University of Washington in 2007, my wife and I moved to a town in the middle of Bulgaria called Sliven. As a business development volunteer, my job was to work with a local business incubator to offer business classes to students and entrepreneurs, and host events like Manager For A Day. My wife and I also worked together on many projects including projects for earth day, world AIDS day, and trafficking awareness day. Like many other volunteers, we both hosted English classes as many Bulgarians were eager to practice with native speakers.

Earning an MBA was something that I've wanted since my undergrad, and after my experience in the Peace Corps, I also wanted to study international development. When we decided to move to DC to explore career options AU was a natural choice. Then after meeting with admissions and discussing the schools commitment to service, I felt that AU would be a good fit with my values and goals. My experience in Bulgaria has enabled me to cite real experiences in class which have enriched the conversation along with the contributions of the many other RPCVs at AU. In fall of 2013, I'll graduate with a dual MBA and MA in International Development and plan to use both as a force for good.