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RPCV Student Profiles: Ryan Dalton

Ryan Dalton

Ryan Dalton
RPCV Togo 2010-2012
M.A. International Communication

Ryan is a second-year student in the International Communication Program at the School of International Service with a concentration in Technology, Culture and Development. He served as a volunteer (2010-2012) in Togo, West Africa, serving as a Business, IT and Communication Development Specialist in the United States Peace Corps. Among numerous projects, he collaborated on a marketing strategy with Peace Corps Togo's administration to raise awareness of its volunteers' activities by interviewing with national radio and TV (in French and in Éwe, a local language). Ryan received his BA in Public Communication at Truman State University in 2008 and has a background in publishing, editing, design, journalism and radio operations and production. While Dr. Gary Weaver's Teaching Assistant last year, he created and launched Intercultural Management Quarterly's new design and edited Dr. Weaver's new book, Intercultural Relations. Ryan currently works at National Democratic Institute on its Central and West Africa team, focusing on projects in Burkina Faso and Niger.