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Current SIS PhD Students

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Why I chose SIS

I felt right at home as soon as I walked into SIS. It offers me the perfect mix of traditional international studies topics (including international relations and comparative politics) and peace and conflict studies. The PhD program teaches me to produce high-quality scholarship, yet the community here welcomes my goals as a practitioner as well. The fabulous faculty and students are generating a wealth of cutting-edge, policy-relevant research.  

Previous Education

  • George Mason University, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution Master of Science, Conflict Analysis and Resolution, 1996
  • Brown University Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, linguistics, 1990
  • American University of Cairo, Arabic language and Middle East Studies, summer and semester abroad, 1988
  • L'Université de Paris—La Sorbonne Certificat de Niveau Supérieur, French language, 1985 

Previous Employment Experience

  • Self-Employed Mediator/Facilitator, 2006–2010
  • CDR Associates, 1996–2006 (Positions: Executive director and senior program manager 2005–2006; senior program manager 2004–2006; program manager 1999–2004; program assistant 1997–1999; intern 1996–1997.)
  • Dispute Resolution Training Specialist, Council of Better Business Bureaus (1990–1995).

Research Interests

International negotiation and mediation, peace processes, civil wars, ethnic relations, and state- and democracy-building in divided societies 


email: sghais13@yahoo.com

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

My Dissertation


Inclusivity and Peacemaking in Civil Wars

  • Anthony Wanis-St. John, Assistant Professor, American University School of International Service (chair)
  • Ronald J. Fisher, Professor, American University School of International Service and Director of its International Peace and Conflict Resolution Division 
  • P. Terrence Hopmann, Professor of International Relations and Director of the Conflict Management Program, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies
  • Timothy D. Sisk, Professor; Director, Center for Sustainable Development and International Peace; and Associate Dean for Research, Joseph Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver