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Current SIS PhD Students

Jiaje He

Jiaje He Pic

I'm Jiaje He and I come from Ningbo, China. My initial draw to studying International Relations came from my realization that doing so would allow me to learn a lot about countries that I may otherwise never pay attention to. Another reason I am interested in studying IR has to do with the fact that it allows me to feel as though I am not only a citizen of my own country, but a person who shares concerns and accountabilities with people in other parts of the world.

When I'm not engaged in my studies I like to fill my free time with travel and reading. Indeed, my dream job is to write for Lonely Planet as this would allow me to take eating and playing as a serious job.

Why I chose SIS

Washington DC is the place which every IR student dreams about.  SIS allows me to do the things I am really interested in and provides me with enough freedom as well as all help and instructions I need in the study. I like professors here. They are all very passionate about their projects and have passed on a lot of positive energy to me. They help me get over the culture shock, help me build up self-confidence, and train me to be professional. PhD life is never easy, as everybody knows. But I enjoy every minute I have spent here and I am happy I chose to do this.

Previous Education

M.A., International Relations, Fudan University, China 2008-2011

Exchange Student, Lund University, Sweden (with full scholarship), Aug.2009 - Jan.2010

B.A., International Politics, Fudan University, China, 2004-2008

Research Interests

Security studies in general, ethnic conflicts and civil wars, ethnic politics in China and Southeast Asia


Selected Presentations

  • "China's Ethnic Flashpoint: Ethnic Security Dilemma and Han-Uyghur Conflicts in Xinjiang". ISA-NE (2012), Panel of Chinese Politics.

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2010 Hsi-teh Hsieh Scholarship for Excellent Students in American Studies, Fudan University
  • 2010 First-Rank Scholarship for Excellent Graduate Students, Fudan University
  • 2008 First-Rank Scholarship for incoming master students, Fudan University; Jiang Zhen Scholarship (awarded for excellent students in social science)
  • 2008 Outstanding Graduate, Fudan University