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Edward Lucas

Picture of Edward Lucas

I grew up in Montréal, Québec, but have lived in a variety of different places — both in North America and overseas — over the past fifteen years or so. Although I've always lived in big cities, I enjoy hobbies related to the outdoors, such as hiking, canoeing, and camping. Also it probably goes without saying (being a Canadian), but I am a fan of all things hockey.  More than anything else, I became interested in international relations through the study of history. In college I realized that many of the same forces and issues that I was learning about in my international history courses were also present in contemporary events.

Why I chose SIS

I chose to apply to SIS primarily because of its location. Where better to study international relations and security than Washington, D.C.? What I have discovered, however, is that along with its unbeatable location, SIS's great strength is the methodologically diverse group of scholars associated with the program. Rather than forcing us to necessarily conform to prescribed research methods, we are allowed to choose the methods best suited for our individual projects.

Previous Education

MA International Conflict Studies, King's College London

BA Honors History, Royal Military College of Canada

Previous Employment Experience

Defense Analyst, Documental Solutions (2007-08)

Maritime Surface and Sub-surface Officer, Royal Canadian Navy (1997-2007)

Selected Awards & Fellowships

  • SIS Dean's Fellowship, American University (2010-14)
  • Cosmos Club Foundation Young Scholars Grant (2013)
  • Samuel L. Sharp Award for Creative Work in International Relations at the Graduate Level, American University (2013)
  • SlS Summer Fellowship, American University (2013)
  • Doctoral Student Research Award, American University (2013)
  • SIS Graduate Summer Research Grant, American University (2012)
  • Regular Officer Training Plan Scholarship, Department of National Defence (Canada) (1997 – 2002)
  • Top 3rd Year Student, History Department, Royal Military College of Canada (2001)

Research Interests

Maritime Security, Maritime Piracy, International Conflict, International Security


Curriculum Vitae

AU Faculty Page

My Dissertation

Title: "Counter-Piracy: Great Power Interests and Maritime Pirates"

Committee: Boaz Atzili (Chair), Sharon Weiner, Carolyn Gallaher, Andrew Lambert (King's College London)

Selected Publications

  • "Somalia's Pirate Cycle: The Three Phases of Somali Piracy," Journal of Strategic Security 6:1 (Spring 2013), pp 55-63.
  • "Review of Robert Haywood and Roberta Spivak, Maritime Piracy," Naval War College Review 66:1 (Winter 2013), p. 130.
  • "Somalia's Seaborne Insurgents: Examining Somali Piracy as a form of Insurgency," in Nubert Boubeka (ed) Global Security (conference proceedings), Washington, DC: Ambivium Institute on Security and Cooperation, 2012. pp. 132-46.
  • "NATO continues counter-piracy mission," Jane's Navy International (online), 28 April 2009.
  • "France, Spain float plan for anti-pirate force for Somalia," Jane's Navy International (online), 4 August 2008.  

Selected Presentations

  • "British Merchants and Chinese Pirates: The Role of Private Business Interests in Military Interventions," ISSS/ISAC Annual Conference, 5 October 2013, Washington, DC.
  • "Maritime Hegemony and Counter Piracy: Why Maritime Hegemons Act to Suppress Piracy," International Studies Association Annual Convention, 5 April 2013, San Francisco, CA.
  • "Somalia's Pirate Cycle: The Three Phases of Somali Piracy," Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa Annual Conference, 13 October 2012, Arlington, VA.
  • "Counter-Piracy Past and Present: Lesson from the British experience in South China," ISSS/ISAC Annual Conference, 5 October 2012, Chapel Hill, NC.
  • "Hegemony and Piracy: US Naval Power and the Emergence of Contemporary Maritime Piracy," International Studies Association – Northeast Annual Conference, 5 November 2011, Providence, RI.