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Current SIS PhD Students

Ela Rossmiller

Ela's picture
Ela Rossmiller studies the interaction between historical narratives, politics, and law. Her dissertation analyzes legislative debates about rehabilitation and compensation programs for victims of political repression. She was recently awarded a fellowship from the Polish Ministry of Education's Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange.

Previous Education

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education, MEd
  • University of Chicago, BA
  • Jagiellonian University, Diploma

Research Interests

Construction of state-sponsored memory regimes following political transformations; Memory work; Historical justice; Political transformations in Central and Eastern Europe; Apology diplomacy; Memory as an international export and tool for nation-branding; Political discourse


My Dissertation

Title: "Remembering Martial Law in Poland: Legal Frames of Memory"

Committee: Carole Gallaher (Chair), Sarah Snyder, Helga Welsh