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School of International Service, PhD

Current Students

Marcelline Babicz

email: mbabicz@american.edu

Laura Bosco

email: lb2312a@american.edu

Brandon Brockmyer

Brockmeyer Pic

Research Interests: Cognitive biases in international relations; Latin American leftism; US foreign policy decision making processes; BRICS; Economic development strategies; International peacekeeping and conflict resolution

email: bb7597a@student.american.edu

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Elliott Bynum

email: kb2965a@american.edu

Katy Collin

Research Interests: Elections; Referendums and direct democracy; Democratization; Peacebuilding; Peacekeeping; United Nations

email: Katy.collin@gmail.com

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deRaismes Combes

deRaismes Photo

Research Interests: Identity studies with a focus on nationalism; Security, terrorism, 9/11; Political and social theory, particularly post-structuralism; Discourse, rhetoric, narrative, and linguistic approaches  

email: deRaismes@gmail.com

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Arunjana Das

email: ad4542a@american.edu

Brandon Sims

email: bd7479a@american.edu

Chandra Dunn

email: cd7755a@american.edu

Eleni Ekmektsioglou

email: ee0498a@american.edu

Tyler Evans

email: te8445a@american.edu

Emma Fawcett

Photo of Emma Fawcett

Research Interests: Political economy of Latin America and the Caribbean; Economic development and tourism in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Cuba

email: emma.fawcett@american.edu

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Alice Friend

Research Interests: National security policy; Bureaucratic politics; Crisis decision-making; African security; Civil-military relations

email: Alice.Friend@american.edu

Nathan Galat

email: ng3906a@american.edu

Suzanne Ghais

Suzanne Ghais Photo

Research Interests: International negotiation and mediation; Peace processes; Civil wars; Ethnic relations; State- and democracy-building in divided societies

email: sghais13@yahoo.com

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Yoonbin Ha

email: yh0022a@american.edu

Jiajie He

Jiaje He Pic

Research Interests: Security studies in general; Ethnic conflicts and civil wars; Ethnic politics in China and Southeast Asia

email: jh3983a@student.american.edu

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Tiana Jackson

email: tj4275@american.edu

Anne Kantel

Anne Kantel
Research Interests: Global Environmental Politics; International Water Governance; Political Violence; IR Theory; Ethnography


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Sonja Kelly

Sonja Kelly Profile Pic

Research Interests: International development; International political economy; Financial Inclusion; Financial sector development

email: Sonja.Kelly@american.edu

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Min Jung Kim

email: mk1841a@american.edu

Asifa Koul

email: ak7522a@american.edu

Goueun Lee

email: gl4379a@american.edu

Abby Lindsay

Abby Lindsay

Research Interests: Global environmental policy; Water governance; Science and technology studies; International development and aid; International negotiations; Environment and trade

email: Abby.Lindsay@american.edu

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Patrick Litanga

Litanga Pic

Research Interests: Post-conflict reconstruction; Conflict resolution; Child soldiering; Political economy of land in post conflict settings

email: plitanga@yahoo.com

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Edward Lucas

Picture of Edward Lucas

Research Interests: Maritime Security; Maritime Piracy; International Conflict; International Security

email: edward.r.lucas@gmail.com

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Christoff Luehrs

email: cl8876a@american.edu

Balazs Martonffy

Balazs Martonffy

Research Interests: International and Transatlantic Security; Decision-making; Bureaucratic Politics

email: balazs.martonffy@student.american.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Rachel Hannah Nadelman

Picture of Rachel Nadelman SIS

Research Interests: International Development; Mining/natural resources and foreign direct investment; Environment and development; The global economy; Community/social movement voice in development processes; Transnational advocacy networks

email: rachelnadelman@gmail.com

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Yelena Osipova

Osipova Picture

Research Interests: Public and Cultural Diplomacy; Soft Power; International Communication; New/Digital Media & IR; Russian foreign policy; Eurasia

email: yelena.osipova@american.edu

Curriculum Vitae

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Chayanit Poonyarat

Chayanit Poonyarat

Research Interests: Ethnic conflict and civil wars in Asia; State-building; Nation-building

email: cp4796a@student.american.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Manuel Reinert

Research Interests: Global governance; International security; Political violence; Peace and conflict; Middle East and African studies

email: manuel.reinert@american.edu

Sharon Rogers

email: sr7101a@american.edu

Ela Rossmiller

Ela's picture

Research Interests: Politics of Memory, Historical and Transitional Justice, Postcommunism, Polish Politics, Society, and Culture, International Education, Intercultural Communication

email: er1618a@student.american.edu

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Cherie Saulter

email: cs4258a@american.edu

Karen Saunders

email: ks7512a@american.edu

Timothy Seidel

Research Interests: Peacebuilding, nonviolence and conflict resolution;comparative politics;theological studies;postcolonial theory;anti-oppression practice;Middle East studies;interpretivist research methods including discourse, narrative, and ethnographic approaches.

email: timothy.seidel@american.edu

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Mashal Shabbir

email: ms3298b@american.edu

Michael Stanaitis

Michael Stanaitis

Research Interests: Global Governance; Hegemony; Human Rights; International Political Economy; Quantitative Methods

email: stanaitis@american.edu

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Kate Tennis

Tennis Pic

Research Interests: International Migration; Border Control; International Cooperation; Security

email: kate.tennis@american.edu

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Jerisa Upton

email: ju3143a@american.edu

Willow Williamson

email: ww4065a@american.edu

Di Wu

Research Interests: Public Diplomacy and global media; East Asian Relations

email: di.wu@american.edu

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Curriculum Vitae