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School of International Service, PhD

Recent Graduates

This past December the SIS PhD program celebrated the graduation of seven students. In May 2017, two more received their PhDs.

Meet our new PhDs

Kate Tennis (Spring 2017)

Dissertation: Contentious Cooperation -- controlling migration between sending and receiving states

Committee: Chris Rudolph (Chair); Rachel Robinson; Kelly Greenhill (Tufts)


Ela Rossmiller (Spring 2017)

Dissertation: Remembering Martial Law in Polish Legislative Discourse

Committee: Carolyn Gallaher (Chair); Sarah Snyder; Helga Welsh (Wake Forest University)

Brandon Brockmyer (Fall 2016)

Dissertation: Global Standards in National Contexts -- the role of multinational stake-holder initiatives in public sector governance reform

Committee: Jonathan Fox (Chair); Matthew Taylor; David Hunter (Washington College of Law)

Chandra Dunn (Fall 2016)

Dissertation: Liberia and Africa in World Politics -- an analysis of Liberian Foreign Policy in the 20th century

Committee: Patrick Jackson (chair); Adrienne LeBas (School of Public Affairs); Kevin Dunn (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)


Timothy Seidel (Fall 2016)

Dissertation: "Where is the Palestinian Gandhi?" -- Power and Resistance in Late Modernity

Committee: Mohammed Abu-Nimer (chair); Carolyn Gallaher; Peter Dula (Eastern Mennonite University)


Katy Collin (Summer 2016)

Dissertation: Peacemaking Referendums

Committee: Chuck Call (chair); Boaz Atzili; Terrence Lyons (George Mason University)


Edward Lucas (Summer 2016)

Dissertation: Counter-Piracy -- Maritime Great Powers and Piracy Suppression

Committee: Boaz Atzili (chair); Carolyn Galler; Sharon Weiner


Yelena Osipova-Stoker (Summer 2016)

Dissertation: Public Diplomacy in Transition -- articulating Russian identity and soft power

Committee: Rhonda Zaharna (School of Communications) and Sharon Weiner (co-chairs); Craig Hayden (U.S. Department of State); Douglas Blum (Providence College)


Emma Fawcett (Summer 2016)

Dissertation: Santo Remedio? The Political Economy of Mass Tourism and Development

Committee: Daniel Bernhofen and Eric Hershberg (co-chairs); Daniel Esser; Eve Bratman


Suzanne Ghais at graduation

Suzanne Ghais receives her hood at the 2016 Commencement Ceremony

Tiana Jackson at Graduation

Tiana Jackson receives her diploma at the 2016 Commencement Ceremony

SIS Grad Suzanne Ghais with Prof. Wanis-St. John

Spring 2016 Graduate Suzanne Ghais with her dissertation chair Professor Anthony Wanis-St. John



Contact Kasey Neil Petri, the PhD Program Coordinator, at 202-885-6582 or

We encourage prospective candidates to visit the University to meet faculty members and current PhD students. To arrange a visit, contact Graduate Admissions at 202-885-1646 or