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Application Form: Summer 2014 / Fall 2014

Application Instructions:

Please provide the information below to begin your Practicum application. Once you have submitted this web form, you will be directed to the SIS Practicum Program Blackboard site where you will upload your cover letter and resume for each Practicum for which you are applying.

Practicum Eligibility:

To be eligible to participate in an SIS Practicum, MA students must:

  • be in good academic standing (including a 3.0 cumulative GPA)
  • have completed 18 credits of graduate coursework prior to the semester in which they will participate in the Practicum

Dual-degree students (e.g. MA/MBA, JD/MA and KU/AU) must also:

  • have completed at least 9 of the minimum 18 credits in SIS to be eligible to participate in a Practicum.

Students are eligible to apply for any Practicum, regardless of their particular MA program (e.g. an IPCR student may apply to a USFP Practicum).


I will have completed this many credits at the end of:
Dual degree students please specify the number of credits completed in each degree.

In the list below, please select the Practica for which you are applying and rank them in order of preference. For example, if you are applying to three Practica, mark your first choice with a "1," your second choice with a "2," and your third choice with a "3." If you are applying to only one Practicum, please mark it with a "1." Leave the boxes for all other Practica blank.

Clicking "Submit" will direct you to the Practicum Program Blackboard site to complete your application. You will need to log in using your AU username and password. In Blackboard, click "Apply Now" in the left side menu. Each Practicum will have its own Application upload link. Please upload a cover letter and resume for each Practicum for which you wish to apply.