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Past Practica

Spring 2015 Practica 

U.S. Policy Dilemmas in Arab Transition Countries
Client: U.S. Department of State
Faculty: Gregory Aftandilian
Recommendations from Strategic, Political and Economic Research Groups

Issues of Multinational Enterprises
Clients: Western Services Corporation, Go Green Compost US, and Cvent
Faculty: Catherine Bocskor
Western Services Corporation: Exploring Market Demand for Simulation Software
Go Green Compost US: Final Report
Cvent: European Expansion Research

Hungarian Innovation
Clients: The Hungarian National Office on Innovation (NIH)
Faculty: Catherine Bocskor
Technology Transfer Across Cultures: A Comparative Study of Sustainable Practice in Hungary and the United States

Migration Pressures: Moving Beyond the Humanitarian Crisis
Clients: Primary client: Department of Homeland Security. Secondary clients include embassies of the sending-country nations (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras), State Department and the Foreign Relations Committees in the House and Senate.
Faculty: Fulton T. Armstrong
Findings and Recommendations Briefing Package

Transformation, Peacebuilding and Development
Clients: Search for Common Ground, Partners for Democratic Change, Alliance for Peacebuilding
Faculty: Hrach Gregorian
Search for Common Ground: Accommodating Religious Identity in Youth Peacebuilding Programs
Partners for Democratic Change: Pathways to Sustainable Mediation
Alliance for Peacebuilding: Executive Summary | Child Soldiers | Identity | Civil-Military Coordination

Strategic Communications
Clients: The Atlantic Council, Save the Children, Women's Alliance for Virtual Exchange (WAVE), and the Tor Project.
Faculty: Eric J. Novotny
Save the Children: Emerging Issues in Global Urban Education
WAVE: Executive Summary and Recommendations

Growth and Development in the Caribbean
Client: Inter-American Development Bank
Faculty: Luca Barbone
Crime and Violence in the Caribbean
Country Reports: Jamaica | Trinidad and Tobago | Suriname | Bahamas

Intelligence Analysis
Client: Defense Intelligence Agency
Faculty: Aki Peritz and John Deni
Drowning in Oil: Indicators of Instability in a Low Price Environment

Corruption and Governance
Clients: World Bank, Transparency International—USA, and Global Financial Integrity
Faculty: Dan Schneider
Transparency International: Procurement Monitoring Project

Client: US Department of Justice
Faculty: Trace Lasley
International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program Counterterrorism Training (Executive Summary)

Promoting Human Rights and Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
Clients: Freedom House and Greenpeace
Faculty: Jeff Bachman
The State of Whistleblower and Journalist Protections Globally

Issues in Nonprofit Management
Clients: International Peace and Security Institute and the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy
Faculty: Chic Dambach
Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy: Organizational Analysis
International Peace and Security Institute: Final Report

A New Global Framework for Climate Action
Client: Natural Resources Defense Council
Faculty: S. Jacob Scherr
Cities on the Frontline: Taking Action to Combat Climate Change
Commitment Platforms for Action on Oceans
Sustainable Energy for All: Energizing Ambition for Global Energy Transformation
An Analysis of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020
United States Cooperation with Developing Countries on Climate Change

U.S. Food/Farm Bill Reform: Agricultural Policy for (Inter)National Social & Ecological Resilience
Clients: Rural Coalition/Coalición Rural and the National Family Farm Coalition
Faculty: Garrett Graddy-Lovelace

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Fall 2014 Practica

Qualitative Data Analysis and Participatory Research in Rural Sierra Leone
Client: Children in Crisis
Faculty: Susan Shepler

Intelligence Analysis
Client: Defense Intelligence Agency
Faculty: Aki Peritz

Human Rights Impact Analysis
Client: Nomogaia
Faculty: John Richardson

The Role of NATO in US National Security Policy
Client: RAND Corporation
Faculty: Stuart Johnson

Transformation, Peacebuilding and Development
Clients: Global Communities, US State Department Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Alliance for Peacebuilding
Faculty: Hrach Gregorian

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Summer 2014 Practica

Assessing Intercultural Competence in International Education
Faculty: Amanda Taylor
Client: Teach for China (Teach for All network)

Water, Cooperation and Peace in the Middle East
Faculty: Eric Abitbol and Ken Conca
Clients: Arava Institute of Environmental Studies
The Peacebuilding Impact of Joint Israeli-Palestinian Wastewater Projects

Forests and Livelihoods: Rural Development in Brazil
Faculty: Eve Bratman
Clients: Iracambi Research Center
Livelihoods and the Rural Exodus in Rosario da Limeira, Brazil

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Spring 2014 Practica

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility: Extractive Industries in Latin America
Faculty: Judith Shapiro
Client: World Resources Institute (Final Report)

The Environmental and Social Implications of AU’s Carbon Offsets Purchases
Faculty: Chris O'Brien
Clients: American University Office of Sustainability and University for Peace, Costa Rica

U.S. Farm Bill: Agricultural Policy for (Inter)-National Social and Ecological Resilience
Faculty: Adam Diamond
Clients: Rural Coalition and the National Family Farm Coalition

Analysis of U.S. Policy toward Egypt
Faculty: Gregory Aftandilian
Client: U.S. Department of State

U.S. Democracy Promotion in Jordan
Ambassador Sally Shelton-Colby
Clients: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (Final Report, Presentation)

Intelligence Analysis
Faculty: David Martin-McCormick
Client: Defense Intelligence Agency (Final Report, Executive Summary, Infographic)

Engaging and Strengthening the Security Sector in Balkan, Caucasus, and Central Asian Countries
Faculty: Stuart E. Johnson
Client: Office of the Secretary of Defense (Presentation), RAND Corporation

Innovation in Hungary
Faculty: Catherine Bocskor
Clients: The Hungarian National Office of Innovation (Final Report), Hazikence (Final Report), MiniBrake

Issues in International Economics and Business
Faculty: Catherine Bocskor
Clients: International Trade Administration, Blackboard

Cultural Diplomacy and International Exchange
Faculty: Sherry Lee Mueller
Clients: International Student House in Washington DC (Final Report, Presentation), the Hague University for Applied Sciences, Global Ties US (Report, Webinar, Presentation), Alliance for International Education and Cultural Exchange (Final Report)

Promoting Human Rights and Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
Faculty: Jeff Bachman
Clients: Freedom House Global (Report, Presentation), Freedom House MENA Region (Final Report), Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain (Report, Advocacy Page)

Transformation and Peacebuilding
Faculty: Hrach Gregorian
Clients: Global Communities, Alliance for Peacebuilding, State Department Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations

Strategic Communications
Faculty: Eric J. Novotny
Clients: Save the Children, Atlantic Council, New America Foundation, Woman Alliance for Virtual Exchange

Reforming Policy, Coordination and Implementation of U.S. Foreign Aid
Faculty: Irving Rosenthal
Clients: USAID Africa Bureau (Framework for Evaluating Local Partnerships: Report, Presentation, Logical Framework; Food Security in Ethiopia: Report, Presentation), Department of Justice

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Fall 2013 Practica

Transformation and Peacebuilding in Societies in Transition
Faculty: Hrach Gregorian
Client: Partners for Democratic Change (Final Report) and Global Communities (Final Report)

Intelligence Analysis
Faculty: David Martin-McCormick
Client: Defense Intelligence Agency

Global Defense Exports
Faculty: Frank Kenlon
Client: Aerospace Industry Association

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Summer 2013 Practicum

Water, Cooperation, and Peace
Faculty: Eric Abitbol
Clients: Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and the Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group (Final Report)

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Spring 2013 Practica

Conflict Resolution and Change Management in Transitioning Democracies
Faculty: Hrach Gregorian - A Conceptual Model of Peacebuilding and Democracy Building - Integrating the Field (PDF) | Working in the Nexus of Peacebuilding and Democracy Building (PDF) | USAID/HIGA UBEHO "Be Determined and Live" (PDF) | Partners Yemen and the Nexus Model (PDF)

Cross Cultural Collaboration in Global Virtual Teams: Disability, Development, and Diplomacy
Faculty: Derrick L. Cogburn

Drivers of Development and Conflict in the Mekong River Basin
Faculty: Ken Conca

Farmers, Fairness & the Farm Bill
Faculty: Garrett Graddy - final report

Foreign and Defense Policy for the Middle East
Faculty: Joseph McMillan

Intelligence Analysis
Faculty: David Martin-McCormick

International Financial Flows and Transnational Investment: Best Environmental Practices – includes overseas travel - final report (PDF)
Faculty: Judith Shapiro

Issues in International Economics and Business
Faculty: Catherine Bocskor

Local-scale Sustainable Design in Washington, D.C.
Faculty: Victoria Kiechel - final report (PDF)

National Security and the Arctic
Faculty: Dennis Clare

Program Evaluation of Health Prevention in Rwanda - includes overseas travel
Faculty: Hrach Gregorian

Public Diplomacy
The Honorable Jill Schuker - final report (PDF)

Strategic Communication
Faculty: Eric Novotny - Cycling in Latin America and the Caribbean final report (PDF) | Urban Child Protection (PDF) | Urban Hunger and Livelihoods (PDF) | Urban Hunger and Livelihoods and Child Protection Executive Summary (PDF) | Cybernauts (PDF)

Supporting Youth Practitioners: Enhancing the Role of Youth in Development
Faculty: Loubna Skalli-Hanna

U.S. Food/Farm Bill Reform: Agricultural Policy for Social and Ecological Resilience
Faculty: Victoria Kiechel

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Fall 2012 Practica

China, Latin America, and Challenges for USFP - final report
Faculty: Sally Shelton-Colby

Counterterrorism - final report
Faculty: David Martin-McCormick

Non-Proliferation - final report
Faculty: Whitney Raas

Strategies for Managing Risk - Health Finance final report | Climate Change final report | Food Security final report
Faculty: Thierry van Bastelaer

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Spring 2012 Practicum

Youth to Youth: Measuring Student Engagement
Faculty: Susan Shepler
Client: Search for Common Ground

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