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Interdisciplinary Degrees Offered by the School of International Service

MA International Peace and Conflict Resolution/MA Teaching

Degree Requirements(57 credit hours)

Secondary schools across the nation are seeking to improve students' academic performance as well as to teach them safe, productive, and creative ways of dealing with conflict. Our dual degree program prepares students to excel in the effort. It offers challenging course work, field experience, and the credentials to move you to the forefront of the growing field of conflict resolution education. Students attain expertise that is valuable to education efforts in the United States and abroad. Theoretical and practical course work is brought together with intensive on-site teaching practicum in Washington, D.C. area schools.

Future secondary-school teachers learn to infuse communication, negotiation, peacemaking, problem-solving, peer-mediation, and team-building skills into teaching, classroom management, and curriculum development. Courses and resources are drawn from International Peace and Conflict Resolution in the School of International Service and from the School of Education in the College of Arts and Sciences. This 57-credit, three-year program comprises 155 specific courses, a 150-hour internship, 500 hours of student teaching, and optional weekend conflict resolution skill-building workshops.

Education Core (9 credit hours)

  • EDU-521 Foundations of Education (3)
  • EDU-620 Theories of Educational Psychology and Human Development (3)
  • - and one of the following:
  • EDU-541 Foundations of Special Education for Exceptional Children (3)
  • EDU-545 Overview of All Exceptionalities: The Arts in Special Education (3)

Secondary Education Track (12 credit hours)

  • EDU-520 Reading, Writing, and Literature across the Curriculum (3)
  • EDU-522 Principles of Effective Methods and Instruction (3)
  • EDU-540 Methods and Materials in Secondary Education (3) (or other approved methods course work)
  • EDU-662 Classroom Management (3)

Student Teaching (6 credit hours)

  • EDU-699 Student Teaching (6)

Peace and Conflict Resolution (15 credit hours)

  • SIS-605 Theory of Cooperative Global Politics (3)
  • SIS-606 Culture and Peace and Conflict Resolution: Alternatives to Violence (3)
  • SIS-607 Peace Paradigms (3)
  • SIS-609 Conflict Analysis and Resolution: Theory and Practice (3)
  • SIS-610 Theory of Conflict, Violence, and War (3)

Economics (3 credit hours)

  • ECON-603 Introduction to Economic Theory (3)
  • -or-
  • Approved course in economics (3)

Methodology (6 credit hours)

  • SIS-600 Quantitative Analysis in International Affairs (3)
  • SIS-612 Research Seminar in Peace and Conflict Resolution (3)
    -or -
    SIS-639 Selected Topics In International Conflict Resolution Skills (1-3) (total of 3 credit hours)
    - or -
    Approved methods course work (3)

Research and Writing Requirement (6 credit hours)

  • SIS-691 Internship (3)
  • SIS-795 Master's Research Requirement (3)

Certification of written proficiency in a modern foreign language

  • Research competence in English and another language relevant to the student’s career objectives must be certified.

Comprehensive Examination in International Peace and Conflict Resolution

Comprehensive Examination for MAT