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Cape Town, South Africa

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Brussels Blog 2013

Summer Study Abroad: Brussels

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Blogs at American University’s School of International Service provide an insider's perspective on the SIS Abroad program. Faculty, students and staff all contribute to create a robust picture of the SIS Abroad experience.

Be sure to check back often, as we will be adding to and evolving our online dialogue in the weeks and months ahead. We welcome your conversations and thoughts, but ask you to please remember a few simple guidelines:

  • Please use appropriate language. Offensive and inappropriate comments will be deleted.

  • Feel free to speak your mind, but please be respectful to others.

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  • For your personal safety, any comments containing or requesting personal information, including phone numbers, will be deleted. Comments are currently moderated and will not appear until they have been approved.

The blogs are designed to provide a close-up view of SIS’s global learning opportunities and student internships.

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