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Aimee Osberghaus


Aimee at the Seorak Mountain, South Korea

AU DEGREE: MA Comparative & Regional Studies
ABROAD PROGRAM: Korea University Dual Masters Degree
SEMESTERS: Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

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What was the most memorable experience of your program?

The most memorable experience of my program was definitely the people I met while at KU. I was able to climb mountains, explore the countryside, and visit a green tea farm at the same time as writing my thesis and meeting researchers in my field. My favorite memory was celebrating the Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok) with a Korean family and listening to the grandfather tell his stories of the Korean War where he fought alongside American soldiers. 

Can you describe your academic experience at KU?

As a dual degree student, the academic experience was rigorous at times. Since this is a dual program, you are still required to meet all credit requirements at Korea University. This meant taking double the coursework of my peers. It was definitely manageable and I was still able to travel and explore Korea, but taking 5 courses while writing my thesis was challenging. 

How has your time abroad influenced your studies at SIS and/or academic interests in general?

Studying abroad allowed me to explore my research firsthand. I had access to important scholars and resources directly relevant to my thesis. It also gave me the opportunity to study East Asia from an Asian perspective and with a diverse group of international students which was invaluable. 

What is some advice you would share with a student who is considering study abroad?

Study abroad is the best way to explore the very places we are researching and writing about in SIS. Studying abroad only furthered my interests in East Asia as a region of vast importance to the United States.I would advise students considering the dual degree program to make sure they understand that this is a big commitment. In the end, you are awarded two degrees, but you often have to work twice as hard to complete all of your requirements. With that in mind, the rewards outweigh the challenges. The dual degree is what made AU stand out for me above all other IR schools.