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Giovanni Castiglione

Giovanni Castiglione _ SISOIP

Giovanni playing Futbol in the Sahara with some strangers.

AU DEGREE: BA in International Studies and Arabic Studies



Are you an international student with questions about the SIS student experience? E-mail Giovanni at to learn more!


Why did you chose to participate in the GNP program as an International Student Mentor?  

My motivation to be an international student mentor is based on personal life experience as well as academic experience. In the past I have studied abroad in Morocco and learned what the value of an International Student Mentor is. Some of my best friends whom I met in Morocco were International Student Mentors and they helped me tremendously while I was culture shocked in an utterly new environment. This is why I want to participate in the GNP as an International Student Mentor because I know how helpful it could be for international students. 


What is a favorite activity or event you have participated in at SIS or in Washington DC?

Washington, D.C. is a very unique city that has lots to offer. There are many activities to do like getting lost in the city lights or finding peace within Rock Creek Park as well as indulging in bits of history inside the National Mall. My favorite activities in Washington, D.C., are hiking throughout Rock Creek Park, riding my bike downtown to check out the free museums, going to the D.C. festivals and going out for the night to Georgetown for some spectacular food and drinks. 


How will your Cross-Cultural experiences allow you to best assist an international student?

From the time I was very young, I have developed a passion within me to learn languages as well as other cultures. I come from a diverse background; I was born in Brooklyn, New York, but raised in a small town in Sicily, Italy, until I was ten years old. My parents were born in Sicily and Italian has always been the primary language spoken in my household. In the past I have studied abroad in Morocco and will be studying abroad once again but this time in the majestic country of Jordan. My cross-cultural experience between living and studying abroad will benefit and assist an international student tremendously.