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Jackson Dzus


In front of the International Relations Building at Ritsumeikan University.

AU DEGREE: BA International Studies
PROGRAM: Ritsumeikan University's Study in Kyoto Program
SEMESTER: Spring 2015

E-mail Jackson to learn more about his experience in the Study in Kyoto program.

How has your time abroad influenced your studies at SIS and/or academic interests in general?

My time abroad has made me realize that I made the right decision for a regional focus. Japan is so interesting that I want to learn more about China and South Korea in just as much detail in the future. 


Can you describe the professional and/or academic skills you developed during your time abroad? 

The skill I developed the most was how to deal with people. It sounds simple, but it takes on a new meaning when dealing with 12 different nationalities. I lived in the International Dorms, so we had people from Germany, France, South Korea, Canada, and the US to name a few. I learned not only how to work with people of different nationalities and culture, but also how to live with and coordinate with them.  

What is some advice you would share with a student considering study abroad? 

The advice I will give is to think about where one plans to go abroad. Think about if it will help your major, career, or life experiences. Also, I think it’s a life-changing experience if you stay open to the unknown.