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Natalia Linares Pardo


HOME INSTITUTION: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
SEMESTER: Fall 2015

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What is the academic/classroom experience like at your home institution?

The academic experience in Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (PUJ) is very similar to SIS. All classes are high level and require dedication and commitment from the students. Usually, classrooms are composed of approximately 12-15 people; therefore all students should be able to contribute to class and share their views and understandings from the readings and materials. Professors expect students participate actively throughout the semester.  

What professional and/or academic skills would an SIS student gain from studying at your home institution?

An SIS student would gain skills in analytical and critical thinking. I can say this not only as a Master’s Candidate but also as a former PUJ undergraduate student. One of the main characteristics of Javeriana is to promote integral development on its community and from my experience I will definitely say this is something any student will gain.  

What are the advantages of studying at your home institution?

PUJ is an amazing institution. As a former undergraduate and as a Master’s Candidate student I see incredible advantages. To start, it is one of the most traditional Colombian universities, it has 191 academic programs promulgating different areas of knowledge. Professors of graduate and undergraduate programs are excellent at their job and work all the time with the students to guide them finding their own views and helping them to develop critical and analytical skills. Finally, the Campus is amazing; Javeriana has one of the best facilities in Colombia composed by an amazing gym, a complete and beautiful library and numerous coffee places to hang out. 


What is some advice you would share with an SIS student who is considering studying at your home institution?

After having this amazing experience at SIS, I would say that as an international student you should be able to adapt and commit with the new experience you are living. Being outside of your hometown is challenging and exciting at the same time. My advice, even if it sounds simple, is to enjoy everything the small and the big things. Studying abroad could be a once in a lifetime opportunity you definitely want to enjoy until the last minute.