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SIS International Partnerships

Prospective Partners

The SIS Globe Seal

The SIS Office of International Programs (OIP) seeks to develop and enhance the opportunities available to the SIS community as well as support the overall mission of the institution through meaningful international partnerships. In this effort, OIP works with a variety of constituents, both on and off campus, to develop robust, collaborative and sustainable relationships with institutions outside of the United States.  

Prospective Partner Institutions 

The School of International Service is interested in exploring mutually beneficial opportunities with institutions and organizations worldwide. As a top ranked school of international affairs in the U.S. the School of International Service is committed to the internationalization of our institution through strategic collaboration and transformational partnerships. In addition to faculty research initiatives between institutions, SIS offers a wide variety of study abroad and student exchange programs. With a focus on masters level (graduate) opportunities, SIS organizes semester study abroad and exchange programs, dual and double degree programs, short-term study abroad courses, consultancy style Practica courses abroad, and international internships. For examples of these programs and other offerings, please visit our Graduate Study Abroad web page. As an institution that prides itself on exploring new frontiers, SIS also welcomes ideas for innovative institutional collaboration outside of our existing program models. We encourage you to contact the Office of International Programs to discuss your institution's interests. 

SIS Faculty Proposals

Our SIS faculty members are often at the core of our most successful and transformational partnerships. To create strategic, worthwhile international programs we rely on their connections and expertise that extend widely across both academic areas and world regions. We encourage all current SIS faculty members to get involved with the School's international activities as both a way to develop new opportunities for the SIS community, but also to further their own academic and professional pursuits. For current SIS faculty who would like to propose a new partnership or collaboration with an institution abroad, please contact the SIS Office of International Programs to discuss your interests.

Contact Us 

If you are interested in discussing a potential area of collaboration with SIS, please email the Office of International Programs at with a general description of your interest and contact information. 

Visiting American University 

We welcome visits from colleagues at partner institutions and prospective partner institutions throughout the year. Please contact our office in advance of your visit and we will be glad to host you on campus as well as assist you with making any other relevant connections at American University. 

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