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Will Pittinos


In front of the Peruvian Diplomatic Academy's Administrative Office.

AU DEGREE: MA U.S. Foreign Policy & National Security
PROGRAM: Peruvian Diplomatic Academy
SEMESTER: Spring 2015

E-mail Will to learn more about his experience at the Peruvian Diplomatic Academy.

Can you describe your academic experience at the Peruvian Diplomatic Academy?

I took nine classes with students at PDA, who will all join Peru’s diplomatic corps upon completing their two-year program. The courses ranged from International Politics and International Economics to Negotiation and Peruvian History and Foreign Policy. It was an incredibly enriching experience, and I felt like it helped to round out my graduate program. We took part in events with foreign ministers from Peru, Colombia, and Georgia, a Russian vice minister for Latin America, and the director of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (equivalent to USAID). In addition, we had courses taught by a former Peruvian foreign minister, an ambassador, and several current ministers. It was a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from those who have practiced the art of diplomacy for years, and at an exciting time for Peru.

How has your time abroad influenced your studies at SIS and/or academic interests in general?

One of the many reasons I chose SIS was the program at PDA, and it solidified my interest in a career in diplomacy. Having the opportunity to study and interact with professionals in the field confirmed for me that I want to be in the nexus of U.S. foreign policy and Latin America.

What is some advice you would share with a student who is considering study abroad?

First and foremost: do it! For graduate programs, you should be thinking about where you want to go before you even start your degree. The requirements can be difficult to fill, and you want to make sure you that you can fit the experience into your degree. If possible, add some time after your program to travel in the region where you’re studying.