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Graduate Programs


SIS offers one-of-a-kind dual Master’s degree programs with several renowned universities abroad. These programs allow graduate students to earn two Master’s degrees from two universities in two years. With few exceptions, students can choose any field of study in SIS and a second one at the partner institution. With degrees granted in two countries, students participating in the dual degree programs gain the knowledge, skills, and practical experience to excel in careers in both countries.

SIS graduate semester abroad programs provide current students with the unique opportunity to earn AU credit while studying at a partner institution. Students spend one semester taking courses alongside their international counterparts and are fully integrated in student life at the host campus. Students who attend these programs find that the coursework and research done abroad complements their SIS degrees and enriches their knowledge in a regional or functional concentration.

SIS organizes a number of short-term, experiential programs abroad each summer. Program locations and courses offered change each summer to reflect the needs and interests of the student population. The detailed curricula of the programs make them ideal for students who wish to concentrate on a specific region or topic area. Each one offers ample opportunity to interact with local and regional leaders, conduct field research, and engage in challenging internship positions.