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Past Skills Institutes

Past Skills Institutes 

All Skills Institutes are now listed under SIS 730. Previously, they had been listed under the departments that sponsored them. For more information, see below. 

PDFs of previous semesters:

Summer 2017 

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

Summer 2016

Spring 2016



Strategic Fundraising and Grant Writing Basics

Monitoring & Evaluation

Participatory Planning 

Strategic Funding and Grant Writing Basics

Presenting and Producing Analytics 

Consulting Skills

Policy Briefing

Structured Analytic Production and Presentation

Real World Strategic Planning

Understanding the Military

Writing Op-Eds

Introduction to Data Visualization


International Peace and Conflict Resolution

For more information on IPCR Skills Institutes, visit:

Nonviolent Action

Mechanisms for Transitional Justice

Peacebuilding and Development in Conflict-Affected States

Media Relations in Relief Operations

Gender-Focused Peacebuilding

Introduction to Restorative Justice

Advocacy for NGOs


International Communication

For more information on IC Skills Institutes, visit:

Washington Diplomatic Tradecraft

Personal and Organizational Security in a Global Age

Oral Presentation Skills Workshop: Challenging Topics and Complex Audiences

Cultures of International Development

Creative Arts and Intercultural Conflict Resolution

Designing Intercultural Training Programs

Intercultural Leadership Competence 

Crisis Public Diplomacy

Annual IMI Conference on Intercultural Relations


International Development

For more information on ID Skills Institutes, please visit:

Budgeting for Development

Stata for Economics and Development

Accounting Comes Alive for Development

Project and Program Evaluation

Strategic Planning for International Development

Organizational Development

Gender Analysis and Development

Business-NGO Partnership Building

Innovation in Business Development

Social Enterprise

For more information about SE Skills Institutes, please visit:

The Change Agent's Toolkit

Financing Social Innovation

Impact Investing

Public Private Partnerships


Global Environmental Politics

For more information on GEP Skills Institutes, please visit:

Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment for Disaster Risk Management

Documenting Environmental Fieldwork

Green Reconstruction and Recovery after Disaster or Conflict