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Getting Started as a Social Entrepreneur


You’ve heard of social entrepreneurship, it sounds interesting, and you’d like to know more.


You’re hooked. This sounds like something you’d like to pursue. You want to learn more and meet others with similar interests.

  • Join the AU Social Enterprise Association and connect with like-minded grad and undergrad students across AU's schools.. Attend its events and get active planning its programs.

  • Sign up for the SE-L email list to keep updated about events, internships, jobs, and new ideas in social enterprise.

  • Then get thee to a conference. There are a host of excellent ones, many on the East Coast. 


You are more than hooked; you’ve got an idea you want to develop. You need more skills and a network.

  • StartingBloc is a terrific starting point. They put on several Social Innovation Institutes annually at top campuses in several cities. Then join their large network of fellows, including the active DC-based group.
  • For freshmen, Compass Partners is another excellent starting point. Undergraduates can also take advantage of Ashoka’s programs on campus.
  • Other off-campus resources are listed here.
  • Work with your advisor to plot out a sequence of courses, internships, research projects, practicums, and skill institutes in SIS and around AU. Use them to develop your venture. Get your professors to introduce you to outside resources.


You need a job and possibly some funding for your idea.


You have something good going; you need further support, and maybe some recognition.

  • It might be time to apply to some of the competitive fellowship programs.

Harvard Social Enterprise Conference

Every year, the SE students have the opportunity to attend the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference, one of the world’s leading forums to explore the intersection of business and social impact.

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Social Enterprise Association (SEA)

Join SEA to connect with like-minded students and professionals!

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