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Michelle Argueta

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SIS Alumna Turns Globetrotter

BA, International Studies (minor, Japanese Language and Asian Studies), 2005

Home Country: Guatemala


One might wonder how Michelle Argueta made time to graduate summa cum laude from American University’s Honors Program and travel so much, but the Guatemalan native was able to seamlessly merge the two. Through American University's study abroad program, Argueta spent one semester at Ristumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan. She conducted field research on Japanese sentiment towards the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty and its provisions in the context of the Global War on Terror.

She also spent a semester studying the European Union in Brussels, Belgium. Through this program, Argueta traveled to thirteen countries, including Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina. During her study abroad, she was also able to travel to The Hague and see Slobodan Milosevic on trial.

Argueta conducted field research for her Honors Capstone on Central American integration in Guatemala. Her background growing up in Latin America and her experiences studying at AU inspired her to study international human rights law.

Argueta is currently working as a Media Analyst and awaiting law school responses.