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ASEAN Studies:
Economic Development and Global Integration: Perspectives from Vietnam

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Come to understand ASEAN as an important regional body and focus on the issues facing Southeast Asia from the perspective of one of its major players - Vietnam. On this program, you will explore how major global themes play out on a regional stage through site visits, meetings with stakeholders, and field experience.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Faculty Director

Thomas Jandl

Academic Details

The ASEAN Studies Program consists of two study sites - Vietnam, and Malaysia and Indonesia - that each offer a 3-credit seminar and 3-credit internship OR independent study. Students can register for the Program through an individually tailored combination of the academic components for anywhere between 3 to 9 credits, either within one country of through a combination of work completed in both countries. For example, students can enroll for both seminars plus an internship in either country, or for the seminar in Vietnam but the internship in Malaysia, etc... 

SIS can place students who participate in a seminar in an internship with a partner organization in the ASEAN region. A list of potential internship organizations can be found in the Forms section of this page.

Seminar in Vietnam: Students will examine Vietnam's economic reforms, its engagement with global trade and investment, US-Vietnam relations, regional political integration, and other related topics.

Site Visits

The seminar will begin in Hanoi and move south to conclude in Ho Chi Minh City. Students could enjoy site visits to places such as the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum, Ha Long Bay, and Sapa.

2012 Program Dates

Pre-Departure Workshop: April/May (date TBA)

Seminar in Vietnam: May 20 - June 12

Seminar in Malaysia and Indonesia: June 14 - July 7

Internship OR Independent Research: variable dates

Program Costs

AU tuition plus program fee (details in the program guide).

Who Should Attend

Graduate students in all majors and disciplines from any U.S. university may apply. Students with interests in international and economic development, economics, international business, international organizations, comparative political systems, ASEAN regional studies, human security, globalization, regional integration, and human rights are encouraged to apply. Advanced undergraduates who have completed at least 60 credits toward the completion of their degrees are also welcome to apply.


Students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Hanoi (arrival) and from Ho Chi Minh City (departure) and/or to/from Kuala Lumpur. Students who also wish to participate in the Malaysia program should consult the Program staff about logistics of travel between the two countries. Students participating in an ASEAN internship will be responsible for their own housing during the internship period.

Application and Deadlines

Still accepting applications--apply today!

As part of the review process, the Faculty Director may invite students to meet with them to discuss the submitted application. Enrollment may be limited to approximately 10 students. Once admitted to the Program by SIS, students will be required to submit a non-refundable deposit of $250 to SIS, through a check or money order made payable to American University, to secure their place in the Program.

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