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SIS Diplomatic Core Members

Meet SIS Diplomatic Core Members

Find out more about the members of the SIS Diplomatic Core.


  1. Paloma Losada

    Paloma Losada

    SIS/BA '19

    Miami, Florida

    • Olson Scholar 
    • Thematic Area(s) in SIS: Comparative and Global Governance  
    • Regional Focus: Europe  
    • Favorite SIS Courses: Cross-Cultural Communications and Peace, Conflict, and Global Security 
    • Languages: English, Spanish, and French 
    • Favorite World Leader: Angela Merkel  
    • Extracurricular Activities: Editor at AWOL Magazine, DC Reads Tutor, Reviewer for Clocks and Clouds, Writer for The World Mind 
    • Email contact:
  1. Bailey Wong

    Bailey Wong

    SIS/BA '18

    San Marino, California

    • Olson Scholar 
    • Thematic Area(s) in SIS:  
    • Regional Focus: 
    • Favorite SIS Courses: Analysis of U.S. Foreign Policy, Intro to Peace and Global Conflict Resolution
    • Languages: 
    • Favorite World Leader: 
    • Extracurricular Activities: Treasurer and Rower for AU Rowing Club, Reviewer for Clocks and Clouds Undergraduate Research Journal, Internships
    • Email contact: