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Undergraduate Honors Curriculum

The SIS Honors program curriculum challenges students intellectually and provides the faculty mentorship and peer support necessary for a successful Senior Honors Project experience. The 12-credit curriculum includes:

Honors colloquia (two courses, for a total of 6 credits): 

  • Small format courses exclusively for Honors students

  • Typically taken during the junior year

  • Taught by faculty actively researching the subject area

  • Count toward upper-division thematic area requirements

  • Sample colloquia:

    • Civilizations and World Orders: The Making of Global International Relations

    • Innovation in World Politics: Emerging Economies, NGOs, and MNCs

    • Environment and Development

    • Peru: Where Two Worlds Meet

  • Students may also take other departmental honors colloquia such as:
    • The Political Economy of Development

    • The Populist Temptation

    • The American 1990s

If a student would prefer to take a different 300-level SIS course in lieu of an Honors colloquium, the student may do so, with permission from the faculty member and the faculty director. Supplements involve extra work that counts toward the final grade for the class. Students may do only one Honors supplement. More details on the policy are available here

To apply to the supplement please download the application form here.

Senior Honors Project I and II (two courses, for a total of 6 credits):

  • Senior Honors Project I counts toward upper-division thematic area requirements

  • Senior Honors Project II counts toward SIS capstone requirement

  • Designed to guide students through all steps of the Senior Honors Project and provide resources for academic and professional opportunities available after graduation

  • Taken during the senior year

  • Taught by faculty with substantive and/or methodological expertise related to the students' research interests