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Senior Honors Project

SIS undergraduate honors students present their research to each other in a classroom setting

The cornerstone of the SIS Honors program is the Senior Honors Project. The project is a serious scholarly endeavor in which students are expected to reflect upon and make an original contribution to the state of knowledge on a particular topic in international studies.

The project will typically be in the form of a research paper, or thesis, of approximately 50-100 pages in length. Nonetheless, students may pursue projects in other formats, such as documentary film, novella, multi-media exhibit, or community service project, as long as those formats include a scholarly justification for the project.

Students complete their projects through a sequence of two courses, Senior Honors Project I and II, taken during the senior year. These courses are designed to give students the faculty mentorship and peer support necessary for a successful project experience. In Senior Honors Project I, students select a research topic and question, research and write the literature review, and explore possible methodologies and research designs. In Senior Honors Project II, students complete their projects under close supervision by a faculty member with complementary methodological and/or substantive interests.

Senior Honors Project I counts toward an upper-division thematic requirement and Senior Honors Project II counts toward the capstone requirement for the BA in International Studies degree.