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Meet Our Students

  1. Angela Pupino

    Angela P.

    I chose to pursue the SIS Honors program because I wanted an academic challenge and I knew that the honors colloquia would be helpful as I narrow down my interests and complete my capstone requirement. My SIS concentrations are international development, global health, and Europe. Inspired by my upbringing in Youngstown, Ohio, I am very interested in studying poverty—especially global deindustrialization and international social policy.

    I've had many great experiences at SIS. I am a part of the Interfaith Council and United Methodist Student Association and work at the Academic Support and Access Center. In February, I travelled to Provo, Utah to represent SIS in a roundtable on religion and development at the Wheatley International Affair Conference. One of my favorite experiences since coming to SIS was interning at the Center for Community Change this past summer. This internship enabled me to publish pieces in The Huffington Post, Talk Poverty, The Nation, Quartz, and CNN. I was recently awarded a Gilman Scholarship and will spend the spring 2017 semester studying health policy in London.

  1. Olimar Rivera Noa

    Olimar R.

    I am a third-year student from Puerto Rico. I have always had an interest in migration issues, cross-cultural communication, international economics, and politics. This led my decision to go to the United States and study at SIS with the hope of one day representing the interests of Latin American countries internationally. During my time at AU, I have worked at the Center for Diversity and Inclusion and at SIS as a teaching assistant. I am also a member of the Delta Phi Epsilon-Professional Foreign Service Sorority and the Early Identification Program.

    I applied to the SIS Honors program because it provides students with skills that can be transferred to any job or internship. I also knew it would be a great complement to my classes and would help me become a well-rounded student at AU.

    I am currently studying abroad in Brazil, thanks to the Boren and Gilman scholarships. This past semester I have been writing for my program's online page about the amazing experiences I have had, the places I have visited, and the many things I have learned. I will be staying in Brazil for one more semester before returning to D.C.

  1. Naomi Tamura

    Naomi Tamura

    I am a third-year student originally from Yardley, Pennsylvania, a small suburb outside of Philadelphia. Before I came to AU, I spent a gap-year in Israel with my labor-Zionist youth movement, Habonim Dror. For the first three months I lived on Kibbutz Ein-Dor and studied Hebrew, Jewish history, and Israeli society, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For the next sixth months I lived in Akko, but spent my afternoons working at an after-school youth club in Hadar, Haifa, where I taught Jewish, Muslim, and Christian children the importance of coexistence and intercultural dialogue. My year in Israel undoubtedly inspired me to focus my studies within the Peace, Global Security, and Conflict Resolution thematic area, with a regional focus on the Middle East. I gained a deep desire to understand the conflict's dynamics from a local, grassroots political level, and especially the role education can play as a means of promoting tolerance and a mutual responsibility towards attaining peace. I knew that the SIS Honors Program could provide me with both an opportunity and a challenge to conduct further in-depth research on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    During my time at AU, I have interned at Americans for Peace Now, a non-governmental organization whose goal is to achieve a peaceful settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a negotiated two-state solution. I am also involved with AU's J Street U chapter. Outside of AU, I continue to be active member of Habonim Dror in the greater DC area as well as throughout North America.

  1. Alamanda B.

    Amanda B.

    I am pursuing a BA/MA degree in International Relations (BA) and Global Environmental Policy (MA). Through my time at American University, I have developed a passion for social science research related to solving environmental issues. The SIS Honors Program helps me further pursue my passions by refining my critical thinking abilities and bolstering my research skills while prompting me to produce creative and original work.

    Aside from the SIS Honors Program, I have participated in the SIS Olson Scholars Program where I conducted a discourse analysis on the understanding of sustainable development in international policy compared to eco-labeled companies. The topic of green business is something that I am continuing to explore as part of my study abroad experience in Berlin, Germany. Supplemental to my academics, I work as an Explainer at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and have interned at the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

  1. MacKenzie

    Melanie MacKenzie

    I am a current junior from central Ohio. My SIS concentrations are Global Governance and International Organizations and Foreign Policy and National Security in Latin America. I'm also very interested in citizen and public diplomacy. These interests inspired me to complete internships at Youth for Understanding and Sister Cities International, which I learned about non-profit citizen diplomacy programs across different sectors.

    I am also involved with Clocks and Clouds, AU's undergraduate research journal. I am currently working as an Assistant Managing Editor, but have been a reviewer and an author in the past semesters. I love being involved with Clocks and Clouds and working to promote undergraduate research on campus. Additionally, I am a part of the AU Ambassador Program and I run for the Club Cross Country and
    Track team.

    Currently, I am studying abroad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am taking classes about Brazilian foreign policy and politics, and focusing on improving my Portuguese. My semester here has been a great opportunity to learn about Latin American and Brazilian affairs from a new perspective.