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Virtual Hub

Welcome to the Virtual Hub for SIS Undergraduates! Here you can find links to key pages of the AU website, including academic and non-academic resources.

Academic Support

SIS Undergraduate Advising - The place to begin with any questions you have about your SIS major or minor requirements. Find out about basic degree requirements here.

Thematic Areas Landing Page - Find out here about the eight Thematic Areas in SIS, and related course offerings.

Undergraduate Research at SIS Homepage - Find out about the many research opportunities available to SIS undergrads.

AU Library - A wealth of resources for research, technology, and learning. Undergraduates are welcome to contact SIS undergraduate library Clement Ho ( with specific research questions.

ASAC - Academic Support and Access Center - Academic support for all students, including students with disabilities.

AU Academic Skills Workshop Series - A series of workshops on everything from anxiety and test-writing, to balancing work life and academics.

AU Writing Center - Set up an appointment in Bender Library to get help with a writing project.

AU Writing Lab - Set up an appointment in MGC to get help with a writing project.

Office of Merit Awards - Find out about nationally competitive (external) award opportunities, and set up an appointment with a Merit Awards advisor.

Math and Statistics Tutoring Lab - Get assistance with math and statistics exam review and homework, and support with statistical software.

CTRL Virtual Computing Lab - Access analytical software such as NVivo, SPSS, Stata, and much more from your home computer or laptop.

SIS Find Your Data Site - Links to data repositories all over the web related to International Studies.

Study Abroad

AU Abroad Home - Find out the basics of Study Abroad.

AU Abroad - SIS - Find out which programs are the best fit for your Thematic Areas.

SIS Abroad Semester Programs - Find out about study abroad programs specific to SIS.

SIS Abroad Dual Degree Programs - Find out about getting a dual degree from both SIS and a university abroad.

Career Support

SIS Career Advising Homepage - Find out what you need to know about a career in International Affairs, and make an appointment with SIS’s very own David Fletcher.


SIS Alumni Mentoring - Undergrad students are paired with alumni to learn about the field and potential careers.


SIS Events


Link Tank - Subscribe to receive updates about DC events.