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NCUR Application Form


All SIS NCUR Applicants are required to have completed SISU-206 before applying to NCUR. Please fill in the semester and year in which you completed SISU-206 (e.g. Fall 2011) as well as the name of your SISU-206 Professor.



Please note that delegation members are required to complete all research and/or revisions and have a research paper prepared for presentation prior to attending NCUR.


NCUR delegates are strongly encouraged to apply for an oral panel session. Panel sessions offer each presenter 15 minutes to present followed by 5 minutes of Q&A/discussion with other panelists and the audience. Poster sessions are generally held in a large event space and do not offer the chance for in-depth discussion of the research.

Your faculty mentor will be the faculty member with whom you will work to revise and update your research project in preparation for the NCUR conference presentation as well as for submission for publication in the NCUR Proceedings.

Not sure how to write an abstract? Read some tips and examples on the SIS Undergraduate Research "Resources" webpage.

Enter the email address for the faculty member that will provide your letter of recommendation. The SIS Undergraduate Research Coordinator will contact the faculty member to request a letter of recommendation. Please make sure that you have verified the faculty member’s willingness to write the letter before submitting this application.