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Membership Program

The Council is led through a partnership between the U.S. Department of State and American University, with public and private partners in both countries. Our mission is to increase women's economic participation in Pakistan, which will help Pakistan reach its potential for economic growth and global competitiveness. Although only about a fourth of Pakistan's formal workforce are women, the number is growing. To support their efforts, the Council network links high potential women in the rising middle class to information and opportunities in three areas: 

  • Entrepreneurship - small to medium enterprises that forge leadership and create jobs
  • Employment - public or private entities, both of which benefit from gender diversity 
  • Education - high school and university education and learning opportunities that facilitate success, such as workshops, study tours, online courses, mentoring and internships

Member Benefits, Commitments, Qualifications

  • Membership Benefits: (1) Promotion through our network and social media of member opportunities, initiatives and achievements. Our network includes the State Department and public Pakistani entities, American University and other education institutions, the U.S. and Pakistan embassies, and private corporations and nonprofit organizations in the United States and Pakistan; (2) events that showcase member activities that empower women economically, and that facilitate networking and best practices on such issues; and (3) information received through the Council's network concerning qualified, high potential candidates able to compete for internship, job and procurement opportunities or to participate in member sponsored women's empowerment initiatives.
  • Membership Commitments: Members will (1) allow the Council to actively promote information about member opportunities; and allow members of our network to refer qualified candidates able to successfully compete for, that member's opportunities and initiatives; (2) assume all operational costs and responsibility for that member's opportunities and initiatives; (3) track and report Council-facilitated gender initiative impacts on a semiannual basis to inform Council-wide impact reporting; (4) ensure compliance with the 2010 sexual harassment law in Pakistan; (5) participate in Council events to share best practices; and (6) designate a contact to coordinate with the Council.
  • Membership Qualifications: Members must be (1) a registered company/foundation/institution; (2) with existing economic empowerment opportunities for which Pakistani women are considered (internships, employment and/or procurement bidding opportunities), or a commitment to create such opportunities; (3) existing initiatives that assist women's economic participation, or a commitment to create such initiatives. (4) Members can be based in the United States or Pakistan.
To explore this opportunity, please contact (in the United States) USPWC Executive Director Melanie Bixby (202) 885-6871 (please cc: Samssa Ali and Amy Flynn; (in Pakistan) Amy Flynn (please cc: Mary Harrington and Samssa Ali