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Farzeen Fatima Syed had a dream and Summer Sisters Exchange Program helped her make that dream come true…

By U.S. Pakistan Women's Council

uspwc Farzeen Fatima Syed Summer Sisters Alumna 2016

Farzeen Fatma Syed, a 2016 Summer Sisters Program alumna, is studying to become a doctor at one of the top medical universities in Pakistan. During the 2016 US Summer Sisters Exchange Program in Washington University in St. Louis, Farzeen took a mock MCAT and scored high. This encouraged her to take the highly competitive entrance exam at Aga Khan University. 

Farzeen aced the exam and got into AKU. To Farzeen, the Summer Sisters Pre-Med Program helped her refine and learn more about what she wanted to do. She says, “The Summer Sisters Program helped me reaffirm my career goals in becoming a doctor and even gave me an idea of further studies. Now, I want to become a trauma surgeon because I got inspired by a really cool trauma surgeon whom I met through the program.” 

The program also prompted her and other summer sisters to give back to the community. For Farzeen, that meant two things: raising awareness about autism in Pakistan and hygiene in less privileged schools back in her home city. Although her project to raise awareness about autism has been turned down by several schools, Farzeen is firm in her resolve to continue her work. At the same time, she is trying to raise awareness about hygiene in less privileged schools in her home city. Not only did the Summer Sisters Program helped Farzeen academically, but it also helped her to change her personal beliefs. Farzeen said, “I had a dream to do something remarkable for my country and be able to inspire others specially the girls of my society and this program has truly given them a dream now. They are now more optimistic, encouraged to do more in their lives and have started striving for it. The stereotype that girls may only travel abroad once they get married has also been ended.”