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Meet Jennifer Haining

Jennifer Haining

Jennifer Haining

Class of 2013
Majors: Film and Media Arts and Musical Theater

Hometown: Gurnee, IL

Study Abroad:

  • Fall 2011- Prague Film Program

Favorite SOC Courses:

  • Writing for Visual Media
  • Intro to Studio TV

Internship Experiences

  • Digital Media intern, Discovery Channel
  • Programming intern/Production Assistant, Hot995
  • Broadcast Consortium, NBC

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Musical Theater
  • AU Players
  • Dime a Dozen
  • Alpha Epsilon Phi Standards Board

Best SOC Moments:

  • I had two moments this year which were so gratifying thanks to Prof. Sarah Menke-­?Fisch. I received two emails in the past few weeks in which I was told I was a top student in SOC and was nominated to be a Commencement Speaker at Sarah’s recommendation.
    Academically, those were both higher honors than I ever could have hoped for entering college/finishing Senior Year. Professor Menke-­?Fisch has been an incredible mentor to me, and creating a miniseries “Party Animals” for NBC with her and my Intro to Studio Class was one of the greatest things I have done at American.

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