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What Young Alumni Are Saying About SOC

SOC draws high-caliber students and graduate students from all over the United States and the world. These students graduate becoming successful alumni in many different fields who give back to University in diverse and ever-changing ways. Hear alumni have to say about SOC.  

Tina Musoke

SOC Tina Musoke

Public Communication alumna Tina Musoke expresses how her degree in Public Communication is both relevant and pertinent and how AU changed her life.

Contacts and Connections

PC Program

Laurie Moy

SOC Laurie Moy

SOC alumna Laurie Moy comments on the flavor of the classes she took for her International Media degree and on the versatility of the International Media program.

International Media Program

Combined Disciplines

Dustin Harrison-Atlas

SOC Dustin Harrison-Atlas

Film and Media Arts alum Dustin Harrison-Atlas speaks about his experience with the faculty and encourages newly-admitted students to take advantage of internship opportunities.

Opportunity to Learn

Freelance Jobs

Russ Choma

SOC Russ Choma

Journalism alum Russ Choma remarks on the invaluable professional relationships he developed during his time at the AUSOC and points out the opportunities at AUSOC that help students get where they want to go.

Print Journalism Program

Post Graduate Opportunities

Jes Therkelsen

SOC Jes Therkelsen

Film and Media Arts alum Jes Therkelsen remarks how DC is the place for film students to get their foot in the door.

Film and Washington DC

Philippa Levenberg

SOC Philippa Levenberg

Journalism alumna Philippa Levenberg describes the tectonic shift in journalism and offers advice to newly-admitted students and says American University has the most competitive journalism program in the country.

A Multimedia Journalist

Journalism Program