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SOC BPJ New Student Work

Student Work

Professor Bill Gentile's Backpack Documentary provides students with an opportunity to create character-driven mini-documentaries as a properly trained practitioner in this transforming world of visual storytelling. Below are examples from students in the 2012 Fall Semester class.

SOC BCK Journalism 1

Students in my Backpack Documentary class of Fall 2014 produced these two videos, some of the best of the class. The first film documents one day in the life of a young drug user. | Watch video

The second takes us to a special place for artists. | Watch video

"Wild Trail"

Wild Trail

Sarah Gulick produced this video during the Backpack Documentary class in the Fall semester of 2012 for the National Park Service (NPS) Wilderness Show as one in a series designed to engage Americans with wilderness through their national parks.

Watch video

"Student Debt"

Student Debt

Katelyn Chesley created this piece for 2012's Fall semester of Backpack Documentary as her final project. The film addresses the looming student debt crisis which undermines the future for millions of former and current American students.

Watch video



Caitlin Crowley-Feldheim produced this video for her final project in Backpack Documentary during the Fall 2012 semester. The piece explores how a group uses the recreation of artificial bones to illustrate and protest human loss during genocide.

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Ana Sotelo submitted this film during her enrollment in the 2012's Fall semester of Backpack Documentary as an introduction to her graduate thesis project. The film documents how one man fights to defend one of Peru's most precious natural resources – the guano bird and the fertilizer it generates.

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