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Eco-Comedy Video Competition

Center for Environmental Filmmaking students canoe through the Florida wetlands

Thank You.

The generosity of our donors makes the work of the Center for Environmental Filmmaking possible.

General Rules

  1. Videos must be the original work of the applicants. Applicants must hold the rights to any music, graphics, or stock footage used in their productions.
  2. Music

    Contestants may use any music that they own the rights to or that is not copyright protected to begin with. For example, contestants may use their own original music, music composed by friends, music that is found through, or royalty free music that has been purchased from a source such as Contestants may NOT use music that is copyright protected (for example, a song by the Rolling Stones) without obtaining the rights to it.

  3. Any factual claims or references to research must be credited.
  4. If a submission involves two or more applicants, the award will be divided equally among them.
  5. Videos must be no longer than four minutes.
  6. Videos must not have received extensive funding from non-profits, government agencies, or private companies.

Format Rules

Winners may be asked to supply data DVDs containing Quicktime video files in addition to submitting their videos on YouTube.


Submitted materials will not be returned.

For More Information

Please e-mail Chris Palmer at