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Partnerships & Programs

SOC students film the 2009 edition of Ecoviews at Hutchinson Farms. The program aired on Maryland Public Television, the result of a long-standing partnership with the station. The 2008 edition won a regional Emmy.


Ecoviews is a student-produced program which won a student Emmy in 2010. It airs on Maryland Public Television, the result of a long-standing partnership between the Center and the PBS station.


JOAN MURRAY, a principal in the Wallace Genetic Foundation, gives much more than financial support to the Center for Environmental Filmmaking. Over the past five years, she has partnered with Center faculty and their students to create award-winning films that address critical issues.

Joan and her production partners created two PSAs that were seen by millions of TV and internet viewers. Both of the PSAs (Save RainForest, Save Lives and Sinnerman) won prestigious Awards, including the coveted Cine. You can see both spots on YouTube.

Most recently, Joan and Center Associate Director Sandy Cannon-Brown produced a mini-documentary honoring chef and restaurateur Nora Pouillon for her pioneering work in organic food. The film, Nora!, premiered at the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital in March 2009.

She also worked with Sandy and Center Associate Director Larry Engel to create a promotional film, The American Prairie Reserve, for the American Prairie Foundation.

Joan and Sandy are currently working on a documentary about Joan’s grandfather, Henry A. Wallace, Agriculture Secretary and Vice President under Franklin Delano Roosevelt and a third party presidential candidate. Wallace has been hailed as the greatest Agriculture Secretary in American history, one of the major forces of the New Deal, and the only genius in American politics since Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

The Center for Environmental Filmmaking is honored to work with Joan and the Wallace Genetic Foundation to bring meaningful projects to American University. The Wallace Genetic Foundation fosters agricultural research, preservation of farmland, ecology, conservation and sustainable development.

Some of the Center's higher priority programs include the Eco-Comedy Film Competition and the Environmental Film Series. The Center is also proud to have partnerships and programs with a variety of different organizations, including:

National Park Service
Maryland Public Television
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Filmmakers For Conservation
Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital
International Wildlife Film Festival and Media Center
VideoTakes, Inc.
American Film Institute
Friends of the Earth
Oceans for Life