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2014 Annual Report

SOC CEF CITW Alaska 2012 Students

The Center's Larry Engel takes students to Alaska for Classroom in the Wild: Extreme HD.

The following report provides an overview of the Center's activities and events scheduled for 2014. The Center’s programs are made possible by the generosity of the foundations and donors listed at the end of this report.

At Dean Emeritus and Professor Larry Kirkman’s invitation, I founded the Center nine years ago at the School of Communication in the belief that films and new media are essential tools in the struggle to protect the environment and wildlife. Our mission is to train filmmakers to produce films and new media that effectively strengthen the global constituency for conservation.

The world faces immense environmental challenges. We are fouling our own nest to an unprecedented degree. Powerful, emotive, and affecting images and films can play a key role in drawing attention to conservation efforts and bringing about change. We are committed to raising awareness and empowering action through the innovative use of media. More information about our programs can be found at environmentalfilm.org and at ChrisPalmerOnline.com. (Full 2014 Annual Report available here.)

- Chris Palmer, Director