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Eco-Comedy Video Competition Spring 2014


Eco-Comedy Video Competition Spring 2014


The winning video for 2014 is “Be a Better Roommate” (Directed by Patrick Gilmore, Written and Produced by Paul North)
All the details about the finalists and winner (and links to view their videos) can be found at the end of the following presentation given by Chris Palmer at the Environmental Film Festival at the Nation’s Capital on March 25, 2014. Read speech here.
Patrick Gilmore and Paul North received a $1,000 prize from the Center for Environmental Filmmaking. Congratulations to Patrick and Paul!
For More Information: Please e-mail Chris Palmer at palmer@american.edu

Past Winners:

Check out the 2013 winning films
Winner — Craig Schattner, Executive Producer, Director, Adam Walker, Producer and Emil Superfin, Producer: "A Brief History of the 5-cent Bag Tax"

Second Place (tie) — (Story of Clyde) Jeff Jordan, Director; (The Immigrant) Omar Malik, Director/Producer, Mwanzaa Brown, Geoffrey Giller, Ben Goldfarb, Monte Kawahara, Producers

Third Place — Brad Hasse, Director: "Animals are Hard to Replace: Protect Forest Habitat"
Check out the 2012 winning film
Alexander Lucas with his video "Clean Coal by the Bituminous Marketing Agency" - Watch video