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CEF Presents: The Whale

The Whale: Presented by producers Mike Parfit and Suzanne Chisholm 

This acclaimed film, narrated by Ryan Reynolds, which opened in Seattle on September 9th, New York City on September 23rd and Washington, DC and Los Angeles shortly thereafter, tells the amazing life story of a young wild orca nicknamed Luna. When Luna gets separated from his family in a fjord on the west coast of Vancouver Island, he seeks friendship from people, who respond with amazement and delight. But when officials try to stop him and a Native American tribe sets out on canoes to prevent his capture, Luna's life among humans becomes a saga of conflict, laughter, triumph, sorrow, and love. As Luna's story develops, the film, told more like narrative fiction than a documentary, becomes an unforgettable exploration of the mysteries, the dangers-- and the promise-- of friendship across forbidden boundaries. Directors 

Suzanne Chisholm and Michael Parfit discussed the film and the personal experience of both filming Luna and unexpectedly becoming involved in the story themselves.

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