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The 11th Annual Fall 2015 Film Series

An SOC Signature Series — with creator and host Chris Palmer. The event is free and open to the public – no reservations required.

Malsi Doyle & Michael Forman Theater - 2nd Floor, McKinley Building, American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20016-8017
Directions: http://www.american.edu/aumaps
Metro: Tenleytown/AU, shuttle bus service to AU
For more information, please contact:
Chris Palmer (202) 885-3408 or palmer@american.edu

Shark Week_Jason Robey_photo cred. Chris Fallows

Chris Fallows

- TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 at 7 pm; 6:30 pm Food and Drink -
Bytes with Bite – How Discovery Brought Science Back to Shark Week
Now in its 28th year, Shark Week is the longest-running cable television programming event in history and a pop culture juggernaut looked forward to by millions every summer. In recent years, Shark Week has faced sharp criticism from scientists, conservationists, and fans alike for misleading viewers with shows like Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives. Discovery Channel Digital Producers Jason Robey and Dan Carter reveal how –working with new leadership –they were able to bring science, awareness, and real sharks back to Shark Week in 2015.

SOC_CEF_Using Entertainment Mass Media to Change Trends

- TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13 at 7 pm; 6:30 pm Food and Drink -
Using Entertainment Mass Media to Change Trends
Population Media Center President William Ryerson will provide information on the often-neglected role of population growth in contributing to climate change. He will show clips from PMC's hit U.S. program, East Los High, and describe how it is affecting teenage pregnancy rates. He will also describe PMC's mass media programs worldwide and provide information on how they change population trends within a human rights context.


- TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20 at 7 pm; 6:30 pm Food and Drink -
Smithsonian Channel – It's Brighter Here
At a time when most television channels have gone the reality route, the Smithsonian Channel has emerged as the source of some of the most exciting non-fiction programming. Emmy award winning producer, David Royle, head of programming and production, tells the story of how Smithsonian Channel launched as an HD channel that embraces new digital platforms, and is now creating some of today's most wondrous and innovative natural history programs. From the largest aerial filming project in television history, to crazy monster frogs and the award-winning film about a young woman who swims with sharks, the presentation will combine amazing visual moments with the inside story of creating a new channel that combines entertainment with integrity and credibility.


National Geographic Channel_Logo

- TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27 at 7 pm; 6:30 pm Food and Drink -
National Geographic Channel – Entertainment with a Mission
In order for the National Geographic Channel to differentiate itself from the proliferation of content available on a multitude of media platforms, it's fully embracing the trailblazing spirit of the distinctive brand that started 127 years ago. Vice President, Development and Production, Kevin Mohs, will share clips from recently announced initiatives that demonstrate how the network intends to be the destination for premium science, adventure, and exploration event level programming. He'll discuss how the network is teaming up with the best creative talent from around the world to produce programs that entertain, inspire and inform.

Classroom in the Wild_jameywarner

Jamey Warner

- TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10 at 7 pm; 6:30 pm Food and Drink -
Classroom in the Wild – Film Screening Followed by Q&A
Come and hear first-hand accounts from students about their extraordinary experiences during Classroom in the Wild in the Chesapeake Bay. Jamey Warner, who led the Chesapeake Bay course, will attend. In a presentation of photos and videos by the students themselves, you will learn more about this unique experiential learning course, as well as future opportunities to practice environmental filmmaking in Classroom in the Wild in 2016.