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Student Work Gallery

Evo Morales, Social Media Regulation in Bolivia

Social Media Regulations in Bolivia

PhD student Mariana Leyton Escobar explored the ongoing debate in Bolivia concerning the rise of social media and its political consequences. 

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Recent Work

Pulitzer Fellows Produce Provocative Projects

Left to right American University School of Communication dean Jeff Rutenbeck, PhD student Kara Andrade, graduating senior Julia Boccagno, and Eric Hershberg, director of the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies. Photo by Bill Gentile.

Kara Andrade and Julia Boccagno traveled to Mexico and Thailand to investigate stories on politics and inequality. 

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Delivering Meaningful Results to Community Clients

Students in Gemma Puglisi's PR portfolio class who worked with the non-profit group RappCats

Communications and public relations come together to work alongside DC non-profits. 

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Students Publish Book on Race and Injustice

Image of Book

SOC students compiled a collection of letters surrounding race and injustice in America.

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